Never Fear… Tasty Mug (is still) Here!

Greetings fellow beer drinkers! You may have noticed that Tasty Mug recently went on hiatus, and you may have even worried if it would ever return. I’m happy to announce the hiatus is over and Tasty Mug is back in full force.

Downtown SeattleThis brief interlude was the result of receiving the exciting news that your author (me) received a brand-spanking-new job in a new city – Seattle! The past month involved driving 2400 miles across the country (with some pit spots at breweries along the way of course). While the journey from the flat, Midwestern landscape of Ohio to the mountainous realm of the Pacific Northwest has been very exciting (especially when I got lost in the middle of Wyoming) I’m nonetheless happy to now be settled so I can get back to the very important business of enjoying and writing about craft beer!

There is definitely a bustling beer business here in the Pacific Northwest. You can “talk shop” with just about any random Joe wandering about. And the selection of local brews alone is enough to put a dent in your wallet and keep you busy tasting for a long time.

Total Wine & MoreI recently wandered into a wonderful wine and beer superstore called Total Wine & More. They boast over 8,000 wines available in their stores, along with 3,000 spirits and 2,500 beers (I’d believe it too!). It’s basically like walking into a magical Candy Land for adults aged 21 and older. In other words, knowing I was tasked with buying beers to host a local tasting (more on that in a later post) and walking in with a cart was a bad idea for my wallet. And in addition to that, there is a huge aisle devoted purely to Washington beers. It’s a beautiful site to behold. I’ll give props to Ohio for its recent growth spurt of local breweries, but in the category of most local brews, the West Coast gets the gold.

If you’re in Seattle and looking for some upcoming beer events to get your brew on, check out Fremont Oktoberfest coming up this weekend (September 20, 21, 22). If that’s not enough beer for you, make sure to buy your tickets for Elysian Brewing’s 9th Annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival –  this is a popular local event and has previously sold out. As of today, Saturday tickets are no longer available, but you can still score some tickets for Friday or Sunday. So what are you waiting for?? There’s more than enough beer drinking to go around here in the Emerald City, so tip back a pint and let’s get started!


2 Responses to Never Fear… Tasty Mug (is still) Here!

  1. Kelly A Kelly W says:

    Thanks for the tip Travis! A new Bevmo also just opened up in the Issaquah Highlands this past Friday (the 27th)!

  2. Travis Scudder says:

    Make sure you check out BevMo in Bellevue or Southcenter. They have good beer selections as well. Also for the Oktoberfest always check out living social and groupon deals for these events. During labor day there was a coupon for the Craft beer and food truck fest at Seattle Center.

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