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My name is Kelly and I’m the primary author of Tasty Mug. Tasty Mug was started in 2012 as a labor of love for craft beer and connecting the beer community. What’s my goal? To educate and inspire my readers (you!) to try new beers and keep you in-the-know about beer-related events, news, and noteworthy places beer enthusiasts should check out!

Friends and family may consider me a bit of a beer fanatic and connoisseur, as I spend most of my free time attending beer-related events, visiting breweries, brew pubs, beer stores, and more. I’m always in search of new and interesting beers, as well as finding the people that drink them – it’s my strongest belief that there is a beer out there for everyone!

I’m a native to Ohio and relocated to the Seattle area about 5 years ago. Expect to see more localized information and reviews as I explore the countless craft brews here in the great Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Kelly A Kelly W says:

    Thanks Tim – and thanks for the tip on the new restaurant! I’m adding it to my “need to visit soon” list (which is growing quickly due to the great tips everyone is sending me).

    As things with the blog get rolling I’ll probably be posting my planned whereabouts to get some fellow beer enthusiasts to join me for a beer or two, so definitely check back again soon.

    Hope you both enjoyed Oktoberfest – the chicken hat will be making an appearance at an Oktoberfest party this weekend!


  2. Tim says:

    Hey, Kelly!
    Hope the blog world and beer world is still treating you right! I met you at Oktoberfest with my pal, Craig, who happened to be the gentlemen that talked you into the chicken hat : )

    The write-ups are good, and, like you, I’m always looking for a good beer. By the way, I just stopped last night at a new place in Dublin called 101 Beer Kitchen. “Rustic,” beer-influenced food is their thing, and both food and beer is wonderful. It just opened on Monday, 10/1, so they are working out the kinks in service, but the overall experience made me think I’ll be going back. It’s north on Sawmill Rd. where the Hoggy’s used to be.

    I’ll bookmark your page, and maybe get lucky to catch you out having a beer somewhere!

    Take care,

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