Weekly Roundup – Where to Drink on a Weekend Trip to Austin

I recently visited Austin for the first time, and being the beer freak I am, I went to as many beer destinations as I could possibly cram into a single weekend. For a detailed run down of all the places I visited, check back in a week or two – I’ll be posting the full article of my exploits. In the meantime here are a few of the places I highly recommend you make time to visit if you’re only visiting the Lone Star state for a few days.

Weekly Roundup - Austin - Austin BeerworksAustin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks a must visit if you can time it right – their beer is seriously good but they’re only open to the public at certain times. Make sure you check their events page to see when they are hosting events or happy hours – a ticket is almost always required in order to attend, and it isn’t uncommon for them to sell out.

Where is it?
3009 Industrial Terrace Austin, TX 78758

Weekly Roundup - Austin - Barber ShopBarber Shop

While Barber Shop is officially in Dripping Springs, about a 30 minute drive from Austin, it’s totally worth every minute to take a detour for a drink with the locals. While I’d be inclined to label it a hole-in-the-wall, it ultimately really isn’t, especially with the selection of beers on draft as well as some special bottles they may have tucked away in the cooler. I had a thoroughly good time the night I rolled into Barber Shop and I guarantee you will too.

Where is it?
207 Mercer Street Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Weekly Roundup - Austin - BangersBanger’s

Sausage any way you want it abounds at Banger’s, along with the best beverage to pair with cooked meat – beer! They boast the largest sausage selection in Austin and also have over 100 beers on draft. There’s a bar and tables inside and long community-seating picnic tables underneath the shade of the trees outside. If you have a dog there is even a leashless mini dog park so your pooch can mingle while you get your drink on. If you’re vegetarian you’ll find options on the menu to accommodate you as well – even sausage – with choices of smoked mushroom and asparagus, or beet and goat cheese.

Where is it?
79 & 81 Rainey St. Austin, TX 78701

Weekly Roundup - Austin - Pinthouse PizzaPinthouse Pizza

Pinthouse Pizza may seriously be the best place in Austin to get a pizza and a flight. They have over 40 craft beers including a lineup of their own brews – which I recommend ordering if you enjoy IPAs because most of their beers have a hoppy, bitter profile. If you aren’t sure what to order the bartenders will assemble a flight for you. Their pizzas are also very tasty – I got the Hill Country and it paired very nicely with my flight, which by the way, had a very nice presentation. If you really like the taster glasses (which I did of course!) you can buy those as well as any of their other glasses too!

Where is it?
4729 Burnet Rd. Austin, TX 78756

Weekly Roundup - Austin - The Ginger ManThe Ginger Man

Part of a family of pubs that were opened by a man named Bob Precious, The Ginger Man in Austin is the third location that opened, back in 1994. The pubs derive their name from a 1952 novel by J.P. Donleavy called The Ginger Man– a story about the misadventures of a young American studying in Dublin, Ireland just after World War II. Supposedly the main character was quite the witty, boozing scoundrel, and the book is a hilarious read according to the reviews. The Ginger Man pub focuses on quality beer and service and they have an extensive list of beers both in bottles or draught.

Where is it?
301 Lavaca St. Austin, TX 78701

Got a favorite beer hangout in Austin? Tell us about it in the comments below!




Weekly Roundup – Cool Beerish Products

Beerish Products - C5 Beer PongC5 Beer Pong Tables
C5 beer pong tables are the beer ponger’s dream come true. They have a variety of color themes to choose from and if you’re feeling really creative, you can even personalize one with your own design. (Photo courtesy of

Beerish Products - CraftgeerCraftGeer – Beer Glassware and Apparel
I can personally attest that CraftGeer products are pretty damn cool. All the cool craft beer drinkers have them! I recently purchased a pair of their snifters and their Mason Betta and in addition to the cool factor, I was really impressed with their service and delivery!

Beerish Products - Peele PaddlePeele Paddle – Beer Tasting Paddles
Ever wonder where to get some fine quality, handcrafted beer flight paddles? Wonder no more, Peele Paddle is here! I own a few sets of their four-hole red oak finish paddles and they’re very good quality. Even better, you can choose from 3 different styles of glasses to add to your set – I have some of the 6oz Mini Pilsners. They also have some really cool looking 6 pack carriers they’ve recently added to their product list!

Beerish Products - Beer FlightBeer Flight Paddles is another great go-to site for awesome quality beer flight sets. I looked them up after I came across their flight paddles at a local hangout called Liberty Tavern. You can choose from different colors for the stains on the paddles as well as 3 different types of glassware – what’s nice is the style of paddles and glassware are slightly different than those offered by Peele – so between the two you have a lot of options! Definitely check these out as well if you’re interested in some flight options.

Photo courtesy of Beersocks.netBeer Socks Another beer lover told me about when I noticed them sporting these awesome socks at an event. I’m sure many of you participate in events that would be perfect for rocking out some beer socks so stock up now! You can choose from a variety of colors and if beer isn’t your thing, they also have socks for Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey! (Photo courtesy of

What are some of your favorite beerish products? Let us know by posting in the comments below!



Weekly Roundup – Beer Apps for Drinking on the Go

The craft beer market is booming, and so is the list of beer apps you can download for your mobile phone. I’ve outlined some of the bigger players below. There are lots of choices, so you may ask “Which one should I choose?” The answer really depends on what you want to do! If you’re a major beer geek and want to track and record detailed tasting notes, Pintley is for you. If you want to go the road-more-traveled-route, Untappd is probably the most popular choice. Want to pioneer a new app? Try out Beer Hunt – it just launched this month.

Untappd is one of the more pervasive apps in the beer community and is focused on the social aspect of beer drinking. It allows you to share the beer you’re currently drinking, as well as where you are drinking it. You can rate the beer, upload your own photo, and add comments. It has a friend functionality similar to Facebook; you can connect with others and then see what they’re drinking and when they are nearby. Not sure where to go grab a pint? You can also see nearby bars and breweries near your location. There are also other cool features like “trending beers” and the ability to toast (aka “like”) what your friends are drinking.

brewskimeBrewski Me
Brewski Me is a similar concept to Untappd, but uses awards instead of badges, and has some additional features letting you select how you consumed a beer (can, bottle or draft) and add it as a favorite. You can add tasting notes, photos, and share your comments on Twitter, Facebook and check in through Foursquare. It delivers customized beer recommendations by comparing your ratings to other ratings in the database.

BrewGene is also like Untappd and Brewski Me; it lets you rate beer, find new beers, and connect with other beer drinkers. You can check in to locations and when you add beers you can do a quick 1-5 star rating or add detailed tasting notes. I’d recommend checking out their Top 100 Beers list as well as the Beer of the Day for new suggestions on beers to try.

Pintley is a beer rating and tracking app that also syncs with the Pintley website. While there are social aspects to it, such as being able to follow other users or read their tasting notes, the focus of this app is tracking what you drink and providing recommendations based on your beer preferences. For example, if I drink 3 Belgian Ales, then click the “recommended” tab, Pintley will compile a nice list of other beers I may like based on my tastes. You can also do detailed ratings in the app that break out the different components of beer tasting and then share what you’ve rated on Facebook or Twitter.

beerhuntBeer Hunt
BeerHunt is a mix of a beer app and game. You log your beers as you drink to earn points; you gain more points if it’s a rare beer or from another country, or simply a new beer you haven’t had before. The more points you get, the higher you place on the leaderboard, which then lets you unlock badges. In the future BeerHunt plans to add deals for free beer or swag related to how many points a user has. There are also other cool tidbits of info such as the app keeping track of how many ounces of beer total you have consumed, as well as how much time has elapsed since your last brew. This one looks promising and fun and I’ll be giving it a try – who knows maybe down the road I’ll even score some free swag.

Instagram is, of course, not officially a beer app, but it deserves an honorable mention for its capability for dialing a beer enthusiast into the craft beer community. I jumped on this bandwagon after reading an excellent list of 15 Must Follow #CraftBeer Instagrammers posted by The Beer Wench on her Drink With The Wench Blog. If you use Instagram at all, I highly recommend you go to the “explore” tab and search for #craftbeer – your eyes will be opened to a whole new beer community that is clearly passionate about beer, photography, and sharing their experiences with other beer enthusiasts.


What beer app is your favorite?



Weekly Roundup – New Beerish Places Open In Columbus

It’s springtime here in Ohio and new bars, beer stores, and restaurants are popping up faster than, well, let’s just say faster than a family of rabbits! Columbus has seen major growth in “Beerish Places” over the past 6-12 months, and it seems as we progress through 2013 this trend is continuing.

Opening This Week:

The Crest Gastropub
Facebook Page

The Crest, a new gastropub in Columbus opens today, Friday, April the 26th, at 4pm – just in time for Happy Hour! The Crest is focused on craft beer, local spirits, and fresh quality food in a comfortable, relaxed environment. They have 60 taps that include both craft beer and even some draft wines, as well as a couple Brothers Drake Meads. They also have 40 of their own housemade infusions and signature cocktails.

Where is it?
2855 Indianola Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43202

The Pint House Beer Garden
Facebook Page

The Pint House is located in the Short North and just opened this week – Thursday, April 25th to be exact. Open 7 days a week starting at 3p Mon-Fri and 11a on Sat-Sun, early reviews sound promising. Geared towards the 30-ish crowd there will be a focus on an upscale bar menu and a wide beer selection, as well as 1,000 square foot beer garden area.

Where is it?
780 North High St. Columbus, Ohio 43201

Opening Soon:

The Ohio Taproom
Visit Website
Facebook Page

Located at the corner of Northwest and Third, The Ohio Taproom focuses on selling goods made in Ohio, starting with craft beer. They have various growler sizes available that you can fill with any of the 20 Ohio beers they have on tap. According to their social media feeds they are due to open any time, probably in the next couple of weeks.

Where is it?
1291 West Third Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43212

Recently Opened:

Savor Growl
Visit Website
Facebook Page

Near the corner of Weber and Indianola, Savor Growl places a focus on providing fresh, high-quality beer in growlers to-go. There are 60 beers on tap with a mix of local, craft, and imported beers. This location was previously Weber Market, and was recently renovated and transformed into a growler fill shop.

Where is it?
2991 Indianola Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43214

Arch City Tavern
Visit Website
Facebook Page
Also recently opened in the Short North, the Arch City Tavern website touts that they serve “Crafted Beer, Crafted Food, Local Spirits.” Their online menu currently has 24 beers on draft (mostly craft) and around 30 bottles of additional craft beers available. They also serve upscale comfort foods, such as lobster mac and cheese and the Arch City Burger, made with four kinds of beef.

Where is it?
862 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

The Pint Room
Visit Website
Facebook Page

Not to be confused with The Pint House (listed previously), The Pint Room is located in Dublin, Ohio, and can be considered the veteran of this list – and it’s only been open a few months! They boast 101 taps (which is quite impressive to look at when you approach the bar) and have large hanging menus hanging on the wall with the beers listed according to style. They also offer growler fills of various sizes, plus tasty food – including gourmet burgers.

Where is it?
4415 West Dublin Granville Rd. Dublin, Ohio 43017


Are you a fellow Columbus-dweller? If so, have I missed any of the most recently opened Beerish Places on my list? If so, please leave a comment below!